42-page fragmented memoir

"'Cheat' rips. Chelosky magnificently captures the fever of new infatuation – the dreamlike day trips, the sleepless nights of sex and conversation – as well as the aching hangover of the day after. More than infidelity, 'Cheat' is about youthful pursuit of a love that cannot exist in youth, and the ways we deny this futility, tearing apart our worlds and ourselves in the process." -B.R. Yeager, author of 'Negative Space' and 'Amygdalatropolis'

"A raw récit of teenage longing, lust, and desire written with immediacy and intensity. Chelosky maps the porous border between instinct and intellect, how action and thought buckle under need. Anyone who has ached from bad decisions that felt less chosen than foretold will recognize themselves in this story." -Nate Lippens, author of 'My Dead Book'

"Chelosky's prose is direct and poetic, her story fraught and engrossing. I found myself forgetting this is a memoir, forgetting Chelosky is a peer, and forgetting the narrative concerns a 17-year-old written from only a few years' distance. Chelosky's voice has the quality of an established master you've neglected for too long. Heard of but not read. Seen around but haven't picked up yet. Through teenage love and pop punk and fake IDs, 'Cheat' confronts the overwhelming challenges of telling the truth. It's a really great book." -Graham Irvin, author of 'Liver Mush'

"Chelosky keeps bringing the heat. Each of her chaps is so good, and even her newsletter is full of top-tier writing. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about teen romance in a way that isn’t super cringe, and Chelosky nails that here. It allows no room to second guess the size of the feelings. The honesty and immediacy keep it from feeling melodramatic. I’m such a big fan." -Crow Jonah, editor at X-R-A-Y and HAD

if you are outside of the US and want to read, email me ([email protected]) & i'll email you a PDF.